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Title: Player Physics
Post by: ThomasMonroe on July 25, 2017, 04:21:22 pm
Please understand that i know that the physics of a game makes the game, but i have some suggestions for the player physics.
And also i am no newbie to Voxel-based games.  ;)

I find it odd that going up stairs is a real pain if you don't have a ceiling to stop yourself from going too high, but then that same ceiling limits how fast you can go down stairs. For me i think the most annoying thing in the game is that and the next point i will make.

When I want to get from my water source in the next zone and back again, it takes me a long time, I am suggesting make a power that allows you to run when a certain key combo is pressed.  ;D

And also i am left handed, so pressing left shift while i use the arrow keys, and use the mouse is impossible, so can you make that key customizable?
Title: Re: Player Physics
Post by: Enigma on July 27, 2017, 10:42:52 am
Hi, ThomasMonroe and welcome to the Blackvoxel Forum  :)

We understand what you said about the left handed users. So, the team decided to make something. A customisable input system is already in the todo list, but taking in account the priorities, it may take some time. In the meantime, what we can do is adding the right shift key as a "quick fix" for an upcomming version.

For the points related to travelling time, we are not surprised that players accustomed to other voxel games can be slightly lost. Blackvoxel is a very different game with very different paradigms and gameplay. Much more different than most player could think at first sight.

What we mean is that a different game means some different gameplay choices. In Blackvoxel, the travel time is one of the problems we decided to put strongly in the player's way. So, it's part of the problems the player will have to think about in order to find solutions. This have a strong influence on player's gameplay.
When displacements have a strong cost, this incitate the player to avoid unnecessary travels. So, the player will develop some kind of organisation in order to avoid these. That's what we want.

Blackvoxel provide Vehicles, Automation and Massive voxel interaction as base paradigms. A slow travel time reinforce the need for vehicles, organisation and automation.
There is also other game orientation reasons in favour of that choice that would be long to explain. This kind of choice is also common in adventure games.

A "power" for walking faster was already discussed in the forum. After some thinking and consideration, it's unlikely we'll add it. For the same reason, we won't retain suggestions to include some "teleportation portal" or any similar paradigm that would eliminate the distance.

For the example you given about water, here are some example I would suggest in order to solve it in a "Blackvoxel gameplay way".

* Automation way : Use more pumps, so you'll have more water per time unit. You'll bring back much water per travel, so much less travels to do.
* Building way : In Blackvoxel, water can flow from a relatively long distance. Some players dig horizontal tunnels to get water near their base.
* Exploration way : There is some infinite water generators in the Canyons ( Why not bringing one at home ?

About "Stairways pain", you'll be happy to hear that this will be improved : some planed elements are missing and remains to do like a vertical transportation system.

For the actual game, there is some ways to avoid making a very long staircase. Some players use the airplane to travel vertically in order to reach deep locations. Robots can dig large vertical access pits and horizontal caverns where you can build runways. The Z0 airplane can be used, but when you reach high tier of the game, the Z1 airplane and it's short landing distance is very good for that.

In the hope we can have helped you, thank you for your interesting return, feeling and thoughts. :)

The Blackvoxel Team
Title: Re: Player Physics
Post by: ThomasMonroe on July 27, 2017, 06:54:42 pm
Thank you Enigma for explaining that to me.
I am glad that all of what i brought to the table(so to speak) was already being or had been considered.

As for the water i had built a canal, however the map block at the edge of the black rock blue flat zone had unloaded when i got to my factory area, i know that increasing the horizontal loading helps, however it does slow the game down a little.

but i am eventually going to get to the water generators, so np after that XD.

Thanks again.

also i might consider helping with the development eventually, but i want to play through the game in order to understand what all is there and how it works.