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Title: The Sequencer
Post by: Toupie on October 14, 2013, 03:02:07 pm
The sequencer is probably the most powerful item in the game as it is now. Here are a couple of suggestions to make it a bit less power full to make the need for the other items (belt conveyer, voxel materializer/dematerialize, atomic compressors) higher.

Limit the "Input" field so you can only pick up stuff from it, not be able to put in stuff directly there. This way you will need to use Atomic Compressors, Voxel Materializers and conveyer belts to feed the Sequencer.

Make the "Sequence" field not store actual voxels. This is to prevent it from being used as a high capacity storage device. Explanation: If you drop 1 Coal in to one "sequence" slot you don't decrease the players inventory, and if you pull one Coal from a "sequence" slot you don't increase the players inventory. After all, it's just the blueprint for what to sequence out, not actual material.
Title: Re: The Sequencer
Post by: Qon on October 14, 2013, 10:29:19 pm
Instead of just nerfing the sequencer it qould be split in a high and low tier version so that those who need a sequencer with the properties it has now qould make one. It would also qreate a bigger tech tree so that you qan keep improving your qreations after you have built the items that are in the game no.  8)
Title: Re: The Sequencer
Post by: Toupie on October 15, 2013, 12:43:47 am
Yea. Several levels of sequencers would be great.
Title: Re: The Sequencer
Post by: Yves on February 26, 2019, 10:57:06 pm
My two cents:
All other properties non-withstanding, I see 3 main properties to the current sequencer:

It is first of all a programmable sequencer. And it is important to keep the ability to have a sequence of way more than 5 items, thus allowing sequencer chains. For example, my programmable robot and XTR-1 factories are 100% automated based on this ability.

It is also a filter: it never absorbs an item that is not part of its programmed sequence.

And it is a batch regulator: it never absorbs an item while a run of the sequence is still ongoing, and then it only absorbs what is needed for the next run of the sequence.

All those three properties are really useful, and I wish that they are kept. I wrote 2 articles (only one published for now), and they heavily rely on those three properties: