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Thank you, indeed beter to know! 

I advanced a bit BlackVoxel robots programming, that's quite cool! 



I have made a programmable robot, then tried out some programming.  I saw that files are created in the Script/Squirrel directory, but cannot see a editor in my full screen game, but indeed no error message too. I could not realise that there was a syntaxt error in the code : no local variable declaration (variable X is not defined).  What if functin Voxel_Step is missing?

All this put together, looks as if the Programmable Robot Silently fails to compile. :'(

I think that displaying an error on execution errors should give more confidence to the player, explaining what his/her :-[ error was...

Hopes it helps,

Suggestions / Website css
« on: August 16, 2015, 12:26:02 pm »

I have experimented some difficulties, because my computer is not powerful enough to sustain the game fullscreen and the browser at the same time.  I have to exit the game to read the help.

I rather print the help to get on-game help (I know not a good practice !).

If the following code is added to /look/css/default.css , the unnecessary context menu would not get printed any more.

Code: [Select]
@media print {

li.rightcolumn       { display:none; }
div.plotvente        { display : none; }
div.mdbox_02         { display : none; }
div.footerlinks      { display : none ; }

/* remove space for non-visible page header */
ol.tabmenu           { display:none; }
div.contentpagetitle { display :none;}

/* Use all the available space on page */
li.middlecolumnwide { width : 100% ; }

see for more informations.

Possibly, setting the width of li.middlecolumnwide may not be a good idea.

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