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General Discussion / Just started using this engine today!
« on: May 29, 2016, 05:02:51 am »
So, I just started using this engine today, and already I've begun making my own collection of changes and such. I've decided to use this engine for making my own small project game (real minor since I am with a studio that is designing a larger game, and need to be apart of that as much as possible.) However my expertise in almost all areas of game design and development really helps me chisel out prompt changes to the engine for the game I'm building off it. The only part I'm lacking mostly in the game development world, is truly programming. My background is mostly all 3D Art, texturing isn't exactly my strong suit, however I can do texturing just fine.

Anyway, starting off I've begun to change minor things, like textures, sounds, and some really small mechanical things to help make it a game for my satisfaction. I do like the idea of strange, mysterious nothingness which the engine currently has, however I'd like to design my own profound version of a voxel infinite world, and Blackvoxel is making this come true.

Anyway, I really would like to thank you gents at Blackvoxel, and I really appreciate what you've done with this, and the free source release too, that's excellent!

I hope to return for mass collections of questions, I know I'll have tons of them!

Once again, thanks!

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