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General Discussion / What I want to do....
« on: October 16, 2014, 04:17:43 am »
I have ...

On the left is a piece and a via connection thing, so you put down a block, and connect to it.
I want to work on a 3d version of the via(path) logic .

I'm going to allow diagonal block selection, with the assumption that I can patch in a diagonal block shape for filled edges... like I do with a 2d cell sort of thing...

like .. page 19 of this....

I'm pretty sure I can just hook my dialogs in... or make a alternate OnRender path and share a space.... probably remove SDL video; sdl sound seems OK other than it's not easy to just pass end of stream when no sounds... so it's always processing.  I used OpenAL with ffmpeg library....

and text labels over process blocks; maybe indicating how much carbon I fed it... it was not clear that many carbon followed by a metal uses all carbon, but it doesn't... it's like there was carbon left in the furnace.

You have a very large system of available processes; and the default theme appeals to me :)

(Dystopia game screenshot of matrix.)

General Discussion / SDL2 and how to close gui's?
« on: October 15, 2014, 11:59:30 pm »
So I found the keys that generate mouse buttons (like scroll wheel) and I guess middle click is how to activate the user block cube; but the only way I found to close that is to hit escape which is save and exit...  can escape be pre-empted by gui screens to close?

SDL2... I grabbed this, only took them 10 years to come out with it :)  Not a lot changes... have to change the type of 'GameEnv::screen' and use a different function to open the window; and unfortunatly the display info stuff is different, ended up just chopping that out for a fixed value from the settings file.... the swap call takes the GameEnv->screen(window) variable...

Code: [Select]
#define SDL_GL_SwapBuffers()             SDL_GL_SwapWindow( GameEnv->screen )

/* .... in ZGame... */
#ifdef SDL1
  SDL_Surface * screen;
  SDL_Window * screen;

The sound system is different I guess; the last buffer is never cleared,
at the end of ZSound::MixAudio....

Code: [Select]
  if (nSounds) for (i = 0; i < Buffer_Len / 2; i++) ((Short *)stream)[i] = (Short)(SoundBuffer[i]);
  memset(stream, 0, len);
otherwise stream is not cleared when there were no sounds to mix, and that block keeps looping.

removed a lot of references to including SDL, since it's included in ZGame.h anyway and seems most everything ends up including that.

how do I exit a gui dialog?   is it easy to add a X button?

The method for the mouse is different; but a simple define can fix that

Code: [Select]
#define SDL_WM_GrabInput      SDL_SetRelativeMouseMode
#define SDL_GRAB_ON          SDL_TRUE
#define SDL_GRAB_OFF           SDL_FALSE

// otherwise warp mouse takes the window/screen as parameter
#define SDL_WarpMouse SDL_WarpMouseGlobal

Some missing/modified keyboard handling/mapping.  Have to take the sym & 0xFF a lot of places because they set a high-bit in it (1<<30)

Code: [Select]
#define SDLK_KP0 SDLK_KP_0
#define SDLK_KP1 SDLK_KP_1
#define SDLK_KP2 SDLK_KP_2
#define SDLK_KP3 SDLK_KP_3
#define SDLK_KP4 SDLK_KP_4
#define SDLK_KP5 SDLK_KP_5
#define SDLK_KP6 SDLK_KP_6
#define SDLK_KP7 SDLK_KP_7
#define SDLK_KP8 SDLK_KP_8
#define SDLK_KP9 SDLK_KP_9

SDL2 also changes how the scroll wheel is handled, instead of passing it as a button it's an axis, and they support horizontal/vertical scroll...  so my scroll wheel is broken for changing items, but I found the keys for now.

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