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General Discussion / Re: Questions
« on: November 21, 2019, 03:10:46 am »
 A dream can be what you make it, but mostly it is a mirror; one that reflects the choices of the past into the progress of today, to show a glint of what can be tomorrow... it is up to you to position that light to form the next image. My dream is not of voxels, not a game, but a way to change the outcome of the world. Voxels seem to be a good start, not for the dream itself, but as a guide on how to get there; voxels can show a world of their own; an idea, that gives a way for the image to be seen; a choice, for how tomorrow will become. This 'dream' is already being made by people who realized it, engines like Atomontage and Voxel Farm can both create fully volumetric (realistic) voxelized space. No matter how useful they are, their methods of execution is why they can fall, the reason for asking if your engine has the same capability is because yours has what the others are missing: a pillar to support the weight of progress, and its continuous use by others; a vital piece of freedom, called Open Source. While the other engines have more functionality, a high price to pay (more in their decisions than in their actual cost ) is what makes the option seem much further away than it truly is; behind a wall with a locked entrance when it should be open. As a city built on greed will blacken in the fog of ignorance.. ignorance of the strength and opportunity that its foundation holds for everyone willing to improve it, for the ones they keep outside the walls also in search of a better place. This will not stop their journey. With the knowledge of the downfalls held by these establishments and the skills to proceed, they will build their own city, not as strong initially, but one with the shared potential to surpass the ones in lead... because what may seem like a barrier  is usually a chance to build something great.

Even if this is not the purpose of your engine, no matter how small in comparison, it is built on a good foundation, I hope to see it become even better and maybe even make my own mods for it some day! Good Luck, and ... Thanks! ;D


General Discussion / Questions
« on: November 20, 2019, 03:11:05 am »
I would like to ask a few questions before purchasing BlackVoxel's paid content (adventure mode):
What the limitations to the school mode are, what extra
functionality is added in the paid Adventure version that makes
it worth buying?  is the Voxel Fire engine modifiable
to include octree /light rendering systems or would it be an
impractical modification for the underlying code? If not, what is the
extent of the engine's capability, would it be easier to start from
scratch to make a sandboxed game like TROVE or Un-turned (with
physics) or could the engine manage it? 

This is a good base engine,
keep improving, and it will become what most hope for... A software that
can be used for almost anything voxelized, best of all, Open Source.

Thank You!


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