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General Discussion / Re: Ubuntu 12.04 with vertical monitor setup
« Last post by Shimakada on March 06, 2018, 10:08:38 am »
I have read it, it's wonderful, and it's a must to follow.
Suggestions / Re: Machine Interface
« Last post by Shimakada on March 06, 2018, 10:08:16 am »
This would be something I had never thought of before.
Troubleshooting & Bug Reports / Re: Mouse glitches
« Last post by ThomasMonroe on January 20, 2018, 03:09:37 pm »
 ;D I had figured it was one of the Windows updates that happened in the last couple months.

Thanks for your time.

Troubleshooting & Bug Reports / Re: Mouse glitches
« Last post by Enigma on January 20, 2018, 04:32:24 am »
Hi, ThomasMonroe.

Thanks for signaling this problem.

Yes, you are right, the actual Windows version of Blackvoxel(2.20) was working well when we released it (We are doing tests before releases).

We found the cause of the problem, it appeared with a Windows update.

Fortunately, we were working on it since a few days. The fix is now ready and we'll push all the new files in few minutes. This v2.30 come along with some other bug fixes.

In fact, this bug was not related to Blackvoxel code. The Windows update brings a change in a function which triggered a problem in the underlying SDL library.

Strangely, only the latest versions of the SDL library are affected. So we reverted back to an unafected version of the SDL as a temporary fix.

The Blackvoxel Team
Troubleshooting & Bug Reports / Mouse glitches
« Last post by ThomasMonroe on January 19, 2018, 06:47:59 pm »
As I move my mouse around in the game, it jumps around like crazy sometimes 180 degrees and really is annoying and also makes the game unplayable. The funny thing about it is that it didn't do it before.
I'm on Windows 10.
Suggestions / New type of robot?
« Last post by ThomasMonroe on December 28, 2017, 06:39:01 pm »
I had a crazy idea ;D for a robot that acts on a neural network and interacts with its surroundings based on the the neural network that you give it.
I hope this give you guys some ideas.  ;)
Is it a program? If it's a program, does it work well? I like it a lot.
General Discussion / Re: The tips & tricks thread.
« Last post by Zenitenut on December 27, 2017, 09:33:27 am »
Thank you very much for Trick and Tip. It really helped me a lot.
Gallery / Re: Qons gallery
« Last post by Seward on October 24, 2017, 10:13:44 am »
Made 5th iteration of the Menger sponge! It's 243^3 big :)
In the v1.22 beta of qourse...

To make even bigger fraqtals I need functions to retrieve the players qoordinate and view direction. I think the generation speed is enough to generate the fraqtals on-the-fly while flying :>
Took ~30 seconds or something to generate the 243^3 qube which is basiqally my view distance in all directions. If I limit the generation to what is in front of me at the moment and what recently entered the view distance then I'm sure it is possible. *working*

I'll have to fix some better texture for that~

Looks great. Are you working on anything similar currently?
Troubleshooting & Bug Reports / Re: Atomic Compressor
« Last post by Enigma on September 13, 2017, 08:47:13 pm »
Hi Reini and welcome to the Blackvoxel Forum  :)

Yes, producing atomic compressors with factories may be tricky in the actual game.

Modifiying factory orientation could help in such case as it will change the order of the
active voxels processing.

Anyway, the team will think about what you said in order to improve future releases.

Thank you for your comments and encouragement. Of course, the development of Blackvoxel will continue in order to make a better game.  :)

The Blackvoxel Team

Ps: Blackvoxel with "a", not "Blockvoxel".  ;)
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