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Some pictures of my Ore Smelter and Blue Glass manufacturing facilities, my multi purpose manufacturing area and a stairway to heaven.

And yes, I have 'customized' the BlackRock bitmaps since the world was a bit to dark and depressing for me, and added the descriptions on all the ores so I can tell them apart. I mixed up Chrome and Nickel to often.

Qool! I want to see it in aqtion! Or maybe you qould add more more descriptions of each seqtion with zoomed in sqreenshots? What are the grey and light grey ground voxels?

The 2nd and 3rd screenshot shows a faqtory that looks a bit similar to mine (qan be seen in one of my Menger fraqtal sqreenshots). Though mine is quite different still. It's not qomplete yet, though it will look the same when it's done. The missing part is qode to automate it xD. I have hundreds of lines and there's a lot more left ^^
The whole point of it is to be as small as possible with the only automatic part being a qomputer voxel and it will be able to build anything from ores only with 1 button press ;)

Hello Toupie,

Very nice project!

The Blackvoxel Team

My attempt at a Stainless Steel factory. It is very slow since it has to wait for them to cool of.

You can cool the molten alloys with water  ;)

Use water generator or pump to get water!


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