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Cost of manufacturing
« on: October 14, 2013, 02:45:55 pm »
XR-1 vs XR-2
The difference in the amount of resources needed to manufacture the XR-2 Robot versus the XR-1 robot is so huge that it's
much more economically to make several XR-1 robots instead of the XR-2 robots, considering the rather small improvement in performance of the XR-2 over the XR-1. The XR-1 Robot is probably overpowered based on the cost to make it. Maybe the amount of components for the XR-2 robot is a bit high, does it really need 6 x Disintegrators, 20 x Compact Storage Storage Cells and 8 x M12 Electric Motors. I calculated the resource costs for the XR-2 to 201 x Copper Bars, 141 x Iron Bars, 170 x Stainless Steel Bars and 35 x Glass Bluegraton compared to the XR-1's 1 x Grey Cast Iron Bar, 4 x Copper Bars, 2 x Bronze Bars, 2 x Stainless Steel Bars and 4 Iron Bars. Just wondering how much will the higher level robots need to be made?

Voxel Materialize/Dematerializers.
These two are also require very large amounts of resources to make. Maybe lower the number of Disintegrators/Atomic Materializers needed.

Atomic Compressor.
Considering the amount of stuff it can store it's way to cheat to make. Maybe make a simpler version that has a very limited amount of slots.

Also way to cheap to make considering how powerful it is. (This is probably the most powerful item in game.) It can store huge amounts of resources, and since you can manually put stuff into it's "Input" area, you can very easily automate production by putting all the needed parts in the Input except the last BlackRock Blue and then just feed it BlackRock Blues to make it sequence out all the needed resources.

M11 / M12 Electrical Motor
The amount of Copper Wire needed to manufacture is a bit high. Maybe change the amount of Copper Wire you get for every Copper Bar when you make Copper Wire to compensate for that.

Jet Engine.
Seriously?? 1 x Axel and 16 Iron Bars? This should probably be one of the most expensive items to make in the game.